Just tell her to hurry up.


I thought we were going to your place.


Are you the giver or the receiver of this rose?

Reflect on it a while. You'll see I'm right.

Please turn off the light so that I can sleep.

We all have choices.

I think Dirk doesn't have the courage to oppose Tarmi.

I know what I've got to do.

Never, in my life, have I enjoyed myself so much.

Of course, I feel guilty.

It is doubtful if we can get the engine working.

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How much rest do you need?


Let's go talk somewhere quiet.


Step to the side.


Lex doesn't like Takayuki's attitude.

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We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.

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Just between the two of us; are you in love with my sister?

He brought his lunch today.

Antibodies give a new lease of life.

They offered their sincere apologies.

Computer games are examples of software multimedia because they combine text, images, animation, video, and sound.

According to latest survey, 99% of employees want a free iPad.

Holy crap, you're pissed off!


If I don't drink a swig of water, I can't swallow these tablets.

That bridge is anything but safe.

Do you have any idea how much this cost me?

He dried his wet clothes by the fire.

What she said did not make sense.


Zezo is not my name. It's only a nick.


He was bound to pay his father's debt.


Amos gave Jiri some useful information.

I meant to call, but I forgot.

That weirdo breeds cockroaches in a matchbox.

I keep a good supply of stamps to save trips to the post office.

He'll probably finish the work by tomorrow.

Trevor laughed, too.

Clifford has made steady progress.

A few years ago, there was a huge scandal at my school.

I am becoming accustomed to the severe climate here bit by bit.

I had a little problem earlier.

Did Laurence say who?

I told Judy that I was way too busy.

Last night we worked until 10 p.m.


Martin isn't anything like I'd expected.

Hot dogs are also available.

Didn't I tell you Ross would blow it?

It's a shame you're going to miss the concert.

How does one find the least visited pages, and what does one do with them?

Do you think I'll miss my train?

What with joy and shame, she blushed to the ears.


I like Korean food.

My father was religious and he was a very moral man.

It's free.

The cat was basking in the sun.

I know you want to be beautiful.

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I regret that I am going away.


This recipe is my grandmother's.

It's quite warm today.

Why not ask her?

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Today, things are better for the Latino community in the USA.

Miki got the hint.

Hsuan is going to jail.

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Sue is his brother.


My father knows your mother very well.


My name is Sally.

I suppose anything's possible.

There's nothing worth watching on TV today.

This book could be useful to you.

You have no idea of how to speak in public.


There's no need to do that now.

I'm very happy to be back home.

The children went upstairs in single file.

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A passport is usually necessary when you travel overseas.

Floria was unable to finish her lunch.

Didn't they tell you who I was?

The color of her eyes is blue.

I got the chance of a lifetime, and I took it.

Don't cancel anything yet.

Did you ever confront her?

She did not eat anything until she was rescued.

After putting up this bloody Ikea wardrobe, I found myself with three screws in my hand, and no idea where they were meant to go.

I know your roommate.

Seenu said you were working on something important.

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Kee lowered his binoculars.

This picture always reminds me of my hometown.

Bring your sister next time.

Give me a boost.

Arne was totally confused.

He was ahead of his time.

The journey, as I recall it, was long and tedious.

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Some national parks offer showers and even baby-sitting services.


This will do nicely.

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It was very quick.

My cat is hiding under the stove.

I don't like traveling all that much.

William can't speak French well.

I don't understand. Could you please repeat that?

This will be his car.

They are free from care and anxiety.

Isaac appears awkward.

The words fail you just when you need them.

My father is getting better by degrees.

What has gone wrong with the European project?


I would behave more bravely than he.

While reading a book, I fell asleep.

He was about to explode, but checked himself.

Did anybody see Audrey leave?

We'll begin tomorrow morning.

Is terraforming possible?

If you're tired, rest.


The girl is drinking tea.

No sooner had Vince turned on the TV than the fuse blew.

We're not much now, but I'm looking to expand.

Do you see that ship near the island?

This is embarrassing.

They have affiliates in many countries and are trying to expand their reach. These are not opinions to be debated; these are facts to be dealt with.

What does he expect in return?

Malcolm was sober.

You shall have a new bicycle for your birthday.


I am at home with the geography of Higashikakogawa.


Usually Walt uses a fleshlight for self-satisfaction.

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A cold wind was blowing on his face.


I have a reservation for two nights.

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If civilization is to survive, it must choose the rule of law.


Students should develop their reading skills.


A book dropped from the shelf.

She has soft skin.

The train lurched to a standstill.

This furniture was in my apartment when I moved in.

You were thinking the same thing, weren't you?

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I can settle this.

I want the details.

When two powerful forces with opposite ideals come face to face, it's time for a showdown.

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Uri poured another glass of wine for himself.

We've got this.

You'd better be ready.

Her tears and her prayers echoed through the dark void that surrounded the tormented captive soul.

Cabbage can be eaten raw.

Can you come tomorrow?

Whenever I drive, I fasten my seat belt to protect myself.

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We're having a sukiyaki party this Sunday.

He wants to work in a factory.

I'm trying to quit.


How much did you charge Kyu to fix his car?

My favorite fish to eat is salmon.

I'm trying to memorize the names of constellations.

Put your finger on this.

Why did you agree to help her?

Are you still seeing him?

Josip couldn't get out in time.

Please don't ask me.

Hardly anybody's happy today.


I just want you to be prepared.


You annoy us with your music.


The exact temperature is 22.68 degrees Celsius.

I wish you could stay here longer.

Mom was at a loss about what to do with the mess.